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FORS best Real Estate Turkey is a privately owned property investment consultancy company since 2007 with the largest portfolio of most attractive resale, new-build and off-plan properties for our clients.

We are not detached from the market we sell in, we are part of it from down to the field. We offer all properties directly from the owner to our customers. So it will not come to you via an agent that sent it to another agent that contacted another one for the foreign market.

Our main priority is to establish firm relationship while consulting our customers for their property investment in Turkey and to provide maximum return of investments (ROI).

Our well experienced staff is ready to meet your all reauests and needs in Turkey such as welcoming you from airport to the properties, precisely accompanies you during your stay in Turkey. We speak English, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Spanish etc. So no need to worry about your trip and communication. We are aware that our customers are giving life time choices by investing in a foreign country and aiming total satisfaction for them.

Company Profile

Istanbul Investments is established to become the head company of our previous investment and consultancy firms which are; FS Yachting, Tourism, Construction, Import & Export Ltd, US Consultancy Ltd.

Istanbul Investments PLC is a Private Consultancy company for a number of investment management subsidiaries. The company operates as an investment management group specialized in finding assets for long and short term investments predominantly to international companies and individuals seeking to buy a summerhouse. Our company operates its business from the head office in Istanbul Ritz Carlton and 42 offices and sub agents all over Turkey, Europe and Middle East. Our main priority is to establish firm relationships whiles consulting our customers in their

investments made in Istanbul and other attractive cities in Turkey. We differentiate ourselves by giving high standard services and customized consultancy for the best long or short term investments according to your requirements. This has made us very well known among the top Investors and Investment Groups in the world. Our main goal is to achieve a high Return of Investment (ROI) for our customers for their personal capital growth or stable cash flow. This success has reflected on our clients profits which caused a strong and firm network of satisfied clients.

All our experiences and firmly established customer relationships made us gain good experience and expertise to enable our choice in providing a full consultancy company for our customers all over the world.

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